Ayurvedic Consultations involve a series of appointments in which the individual is evaluated and a personalized treatment plan is formulated. Over a period of several months, Ayurvedic lifestyle, diet, herbs and other treatments are gradually introduced and their effects are monitored.

The Goal of Ayurvedic consultation is to invite you to discover the wonderful science of Ayurveda and what it
can do for you to create a healthy and peaceful life. You may simply be looking for more balance in you life or struggling with an existing condition, in either case we offer you guidance, support and education to bring harmony to your life. When there is harmony there is health and when there is disharmony there is disease.
A general rule is that it takes six months to a year to restore balance depending on the length of imbalance and your ability to incorporate the plan into your lifestyle. Changes take time and our goal is to attain long term changes with benefits of a harmonious life.

The Initial Appointment involves a complete review of your health, history and present concerns, followed
by a detailed assessment of your mind/body type and current state of balance. It lasts for 2 hours.

Reports of Finding: This appointment occurs 2 or more days after the initial appointment and lasts an hour.
Your individual constitution, imbalance and recommended healing plan is discussed at this time and education
on Ayurvedic principles is provided. If appropriate, an individualized herbal formula is ordered. The cost of initial appointment and reports of finding is $145 and is due after the first appointment.

Follow-up Visits: Each visit takes approximately one hour. During these visits results of your treatment program are discussed and modification and/or additions are made as needed. The first two follow up visits are once a week and then every two weeks for a month or until the plan is completely integrated into your lifestyle. After that, monthly visits followed by seasonal /maintenance visits are recommended. The cost per visit is $95.

Herbal Formulas: Fresh organic herbs are custom designed to meet your needs and bring balance into your life. Pricing is based on ingredients, shipping and the number of formulas needed. The cost of a standard formula is $16 for 100 caps and $4.95 for shipping, due after the formula is received.