Thanks so much for the wonderful sessions. Monika, you have taken me out of the deep dungeon of lethargy and depression which was really taking a toll on my life. I was in so much pain for almost three years and my doctor said it was nothing but depression and prescribed me anti-depressant medication. Then I thought of consulting you and that was the best decision I made. With your help my depression is gone, I feel better and have started to enjoy life once again and that too without all the horrible side effects of modern medicine. Thanks for turning my life around. K.S. Fresno, CA

The changes we've noticed in the yoga students who are practicing Ayurveda with you are astounding. I asked one woman today, do you feel as good as you look? Her answer was YES! We see that with your guidance and inspiration, you are helping people to live life in a happy, healthy body. Thank you for sharing your love and knowledge of Ayurvedic Medicine with us. Michael and Melinda Downing, Directors of Yoga For Living, Fresno, CA

I am a patient of Monika Joshi for almost 4 months. Before the ayurvedic treatment I had been taking a pain medication, prescribed by my doctor. The medicine was to be taken only for a short period of time, so I switched over to ayurvedic treatment. I am satisfied with Mrs. Joshi's way of treating patients as she attends to them nicely. She is very concerned for her patients and is always willing to help them, whether it is regarding consultation for a medicine or regarding a good and healthy diet. She was available whenever I wanted an appointment with her. I am happy with the ayurvedic treatment as it helps cure the illness with no side effects. S.G. Fresno, CA

I’ve only known Monika and the practice of Ayurveda for a few months now but the teachings have been life changing. I am learning to let go of the past, not dwell on the uncertainty of the future and most important to live in the moment! The techniques of meditation that I have learned have profoundly calmed and grounded me in dealing with my everyday life as well as brought my yoga practice to a whole new level of exhilaration and peacefulness. Through different food combinations and herbal supplements I’ve learned how sacred preparing and eating meals can be. My life has truly benefited. I consider her to be a wonderful gift and I look forward to my journey in Ayurveda. Rebecca L Pendleton, Fresno CA

Following the recommendations of Monika Joshi has been the best health decision I have made in years. Incorporating only a few of her dietary suggestions has benefited me tremendously. I feel calmer and more settled, my food cravings have disappeared and I am losing weight without dieting. Ghee has been the best addition to my diet. Ghee feels very nourishing, and lubricating, especially to my dry throat. Ghee also satisfies my craving for fat and keeps me from being hungry between meals and it is very easy to make at home. Monika is the only practitioner that I know of who offers custom herb formulas. She knew exactly what I needed and herbs have helped me a lot. M.D. - Austin, TX